Shadows of Earth Drops Exciting New Music with “Open Up”

Shadows of Earth Open Up

Captivating Melodies from Shadows of Earth

On October 27th, a really swinging pop song from Shadows of Earth was released with a
chorus that’s sure to hit the spot! Open Up is a clearly dance-friendly song and is
about not giving up on your relationship if it doesn’t always match the communication but
there is still love between each other. Italian artist Khaino sings and releases the song via DistroKid on all major streaming services. Swedish music producer Peter Wennergren
started his music project Shadows in 2019 by transitioning from previous hard rock
creation to producing pop songs with influences from other genres. Among his
productions there are elements of, for example, Latin, reggae, soul and country music.

“Open Up”  official music video


Song’s review

In the latest music news, Shadows of Earth, the Pop-R&B/Soul-Reggae artist, has unveiled their newest creation, “Open Up.” This track, a brilliant addition to the realm of new music, showcases the artist’s versatility and musical prowess. The soulful and reggae-infused melodies resonate through the music center of your senses, offering a refreshing experience. “Open Up” is a compelling invitation to play music that transcends genres, weaving a sonic journey that captivates from start to finish.

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