Simesky+Fritch Present: “SKALA​.​02” – A Synthwave Odyssey

Simesky+Fritch SKALA​.​02

Simesky+Fritch Unleashes Sonic Brilliance in Latest LP: “SKALA.02”

Simesky+Fritch, a collaboration between UK artist Fritch and Belgian producer United Simesky Institutes, has released their latest LP, “SKALA​.​02”. The album, which spans seven tracks and is 29 minutes long, features a blend of new wave, electronic synth-rock, and post-punk influences. The synth production is impressive, and the vocals are insane. The LP pays homage to the iconic sounds of the past while infusing a fresh modern production. The sonic landscape is filled with sonic bliss.


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Song’s review

“SKALA​.​02” is a collaborative album presenting a wide range of sounds, from retro synths to somber neon synth wave rock vibes. The album’s highlight is “Such Imperfection,” which blends lead electric guitar with neon synth wave production. Other tracks like “Delicate Intricacies,” “Colour Running Away,” and ProjectP’s remix of “Til We See You and Then” exhibit fluid basslines and captivating electric guitar segments.

The synthesis of Fritch’s evocative vocals and Simesky+Fritch‘s masterful manufacturing results in a sonic adventure that captivates listeners from start to complete. “SKALA.​02”: A must-have for 80s nostalgia, rock, and synthwave lovers, a perfect addition to any digital tune playlist.


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