Single Malt 15: “To The Top” Blends in Perfect Harmony

Single Malt To The Top

Single Malt 15 Emerges: A New Project Arises in 2022 Following a Familial Loss

Formed in early 2022 after Luca’s father’s death, who had a metal background, Single Malt 15 emerged. David Bisson, a former guitarist with Merendine, joined the undertaking, challenging himself to blues gambling. Luigi Stefanini, owner of New Sin Studios, teamed up with his bandmates from projects like Not Over Yet and Low Sin Club to collaborate with Greg Izor on bass at New Sin Studios. Izor’s deep blues feelings and masterclass on harp have been important for the band’s success.

In overdue 2022, they produced “FULL THROTTLE,” a ten-track album committed to Luca’s father. The album changed into launched digitally on May nineteenth, 2023, with the primary video for “To The Top” and the second video for “Champagne, Whisky and Women.” The band plans to play live for the primary time in 2024 and will soon launch tune in disc layout. The song will be to be had digitally worldwide.

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Song’s review

In ‘To The Top,’ R&B/Soul-Rock artist Single Malt 15 not only crafts a dynamic musical experience but also skillfully combines and seamlessly blends genres, creating a unique and captivating journey for listeners. The music captivates listeners right from the start with a sultry R&B vibe. This vibe is further accentuated by means of clean vocals that exude raw emotion. As the tune progresses, a dynamic transformation occurs, as a rock-infused energy takes center stage.

Single Malt‘s vocal prowess not only shines for the duration of the performance but also effortlessly transitions between the soulful crooning of R&B and the passionate intensity of rock. Moreover, the instrumentation skillfully mirrors this fusion, with groovy R&B rhythms seamlessly intertwining with electrifying guitar riffs. Lyrically, “To The Top” not only explores topics of resilience and ambition, but it also adeptly develops a relatable narrative for listeners.

What truly sets this song apart is not only its capability to cater to a diverse target audience, but also its adeptness in seamlessly transitioning between different musical styles. Fans of R&B will recognize the velvety verses, whilst rock enthusiasts may be interested in the anthemic choruses. Single Malt‘s “To The Top” is a testament to genre fluidity, showcasing the artist’s versatility and musical dexterity. Overall, the track is a charming adventure that captures the essence of each R&B and Rock, leaving a lasting effect.

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