Fly By The Hard Luck: “Tonight” Rocks Your Playlist 🎸

The Hard Luck

The Hard Luck: Cory Dee’s “Tonight” Hits the Airwaves 🎶🌟

Canadian singer-songwriter Cory Dee launched his debut track “Tonight” beneath Royalty Records on April 26, 2024. The music, produced via Shannon McArthur, is his first launch under the label. Dee, better called Owls By Nature, combines introspective lyrics with captivating melodies in his tune. The Hard Luck, his solo challenge, is a harmonious combination of introspective lyrics and fascinating melodies.

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Fly By The Hard Luck Electrifying “Tonight” Rocks the Music Scene 🎸🎶

Fly By The Hard Luck‘s “Tonight” rocks the scene with electrifying energy. Combining elements of rock and digital, this new music is a should-have to your playlist. Whether you’re jamming out to pop song or attempting to find the perfect center tune on YouTube Music, “Tonight” can provide a exciting listening experience. Tune in and allow Fly By The Hard Luck elevate your music consultation with their brand new launch. 🎸🎶

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