Travis Scott ‘s “I KNOW?” Unleashed: A Rap Revelation

Travis Scott I KNOW youtube music

Travis Scott ‘s Latest Music Video Release

Travis Scott launched a brand new song video for “I KNOW?” on January 23, 2024, co-directed through Dave Meyers. The video features American fashions Emily Ratajkowski and Anok Yai, who first seemed in a tune video in seven years. Ratajkowski has formerly seemed in tune motion pictures for Maroon five, Robin Thicke, and Taio Cruz. The track become released as the fourth single from Scott’s fourth studio album, “UTOPIA,” in September 2023.

“I KNOW?” official music video


Song’s review

In the world of rap song, Travis Scott‘s “I KNOW?” stands proud as a dynamic addition to the style. This new music, with its infectious beats and captivating lyrics, encapsulates the essence of present day rap. As you play the tune on YouTube Music, the center track revel in is heightened, making it a should-concentrate for enthusiasts of father tune. yet again proves his prowess in crafting revolutionary tunes, and “I KNOW?” is a testament to his artistic evolution.

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