Trickster ‘s “Still Kicking Radio Edit” Review

Trickster Still Kicking Radio edit

Trickster ‘s Fascinating Journey from Austria to England

Trickster, born in Austria and now based in England, is a musician with a captivating life story. He left home at the age of 10 to reconnect with his parents, despite facing rejection from music school. Trickster started playing the piano at three and eventually resigned to performing in strip clubs. His journey took unpredictable turns, including a prison sentence at 18 for financial missteps. Despite these setbacks, Trickster remained a polyglot, speaking 11 languages, and served as a pilot and soldier.

He traveled to 97 countries, leaving an indelible mark. Trickster‘s commitment to charity remained constant, with success in high-risk oil and gas transactions in Latin America. He generously donated nearly 50% of his income to those in need and actively supported charity events. In 2017, Trickster‘s life took a dramatic turn when he was involved in a car accident in South France, resulting in the loss of all his assets and evidence.

“Still Kicking Radio edit” official music video


Song’s review

Pop artist Trickster‘s “Still Kicking Radio Edit” is a fascinating musical adventure that showcases the artist’s prowess in the style. The track’s infectious melodies and rhythmic beats make it an immediate earworm, leaving listeners tapping their toes and making a song alongside. Trickster‘s clean vocals and compelling lyrics create a feel of euphoria, making it an excellent addition to any birthday party playlist.

The tune’s active vibe and well-crafted manufacturing make it an on-the-spot favorite, and the radio edit guarantees a concise and noteworthy revel. “Still Kicking Radio Edit” via Trickster is a testimony to the artist’s ability to mixture catchy pop factors with a clean and unique sound, making it a must-concentrate for pop track lovers

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