“WILKO & nyd Drop Explosive Heat with ‘Cartouche'”

I know what you will say to me: Wilko & NdY who is it?


Wilko & Ndy is a rap group straight from Marseille. After a first scene during a springboard in Marseille, the brothers Wilko & Ndy formed their musical duo in 2017. Offering us another facet of the Marseille rap scene, the duo offers clever lyrics wrapped in electro-hip-hop rhythms that give their project a unique boost.

On March 17, a single titled ” Cartridge ” will be released on all streaming platforms, this is the second single after ” Plein Hiver ” released last December.
=> Cartridge what is it about?
Walk, without stopping, through the teeming alleys and feel the tar running away from under your feet. Hitting concrete walls following the shape of the point like memory foam. Hoping to stay the course on a battered boat, then eventually get there. Because after the last cartridge, there is still human strength and inner resources. On Cartouche, Wilko & NDY, in feat with Marty de Lutece , offers a title at the crossroads of rap, trap and pop, carrying high these last resources which seem to be built when they are no longer suspected.

Cartouche official audio by WILKO & nyd

Song’s review

With its contagious intensity and hard-hitting music, “Cartouche” immediately grabs listeners. For WILKO & nyd’s ferocious verses, the throbbing bass, thunderous percussion, and mysterious synths make an enthralling background. Their delivery, which demonstrates their lyrical skill, is incisive, assured, and full of smart wordplay. The flawless flow of both artists is one of ‘Cartouche’s’ most notable features. When switching between their verses, WILKO & nyd do it with ease, producing an engaging back-and-forth dynamic. Their chemistry is apparent, which heightens the track’s thrill and intensity. The song “Cartouche” tackles themes of ambition, achievement, and the desire to stand out in the rap industry. The songs by WILKO & nyd are sincere and accessible because they are based on their own experiences and goals. Each word of their verses is infused with emotion and authenticity as they deliver them with conviction. ‘Cartouche’ is a notable tune that elevates WILKO & nyd to the status of budding rap musicians to keep an eye on. The song creates an intense and unique listening experience by fusing strong production, flawless flow, and intriguing poetry. WILKO & nyd are unquestionably making waves in the rap world with their unquestionable talent and contagious energy, and ‘Cartouche’ is a testament to their enormous potential.

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