Winnetka Bowling League Shines Bright with “Sha La La”

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Winnetka Bowling League’s Latest Release: “Sha La La”

Los Angeles-based alt-rock band Winnetka Bowling League, consisting of Matthew Koma, Kris Mazzarisi, and Sam Beresford, released their new song “Sha La La” on February 22, 2024. The song follows the 2023 single “Breakfast For Dinner,” which was featured in Adam Sandler’s film “You are So Not Invited to my Bat Mitzvah.” Written and produced by Koma, the song explores the theme of getting older, romanticizing the past, and forgetting imperfections.

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Song’s review

In my contemporary blog post, I’ve crafted a succinct 100-word assessment of Winnetka Bowling League‘s latest pop song gem, “Sha La La.” This colorful song, nestled readily in the heart of dad tune, captures the essence of infectious melodies and charming rhythms. As a standout addition to their repertoire, “Sha La La” invites listeners to immerse themselves in its catchy hooks and dynamic electricity. Whether you’re in search of a fresh tune to play to your favorite streaming platform or searching out an appropriate addition for your YouTube track playlist, this middle track from Winnetka Bowling League is certain to pleasure and inspire.

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