Yasu ‘s Sonic Journey: Exploring “My Spaceship Lost Control”

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Yasu ‘s Comeback: A Journey into Psychedelic Progressive Rock

Making a comeback with the revolutionary track “My Spaceship Lost Control,” Brazilian-Japanese rock musician Yasu returns to the music scene. After a 12-month hiatus since the release of her debut single “Post-Truth” in August 2022, Yasu unveils a mesmerizing composition. The track, penned by Yasu Yuagui and Yuri Aguiar Tesluk, takes listeners on a unique sonic journey. This much-anticipated release marks a significant moment in Yasu‘s musical evolution. Produced with the aid of Pedro Zomer and Cath Castro. The movie features clips from singer David Bowie and depicts an astronaut drifting in space.

“The song is a rock opera approximately an astronaut who unearths his deliver adrift in space, with dying drawing close,” Yasu remarked of the music. The song is rife with topics relating mental infection and sadness. This track is a shape of psychedelic revolutionary rock that seems like a blend of David Bowie, Pink Floyd, and KC, with a hint of Porcupine Tree from the Nineties.

“My Spaceship Lost Control” official music video


Song’s review

Embark on a sonic adventure with Rock artist Yasu‘s cutting-edge launch, “My Spaceship Lost Control.” This modern piece of music brings a clean wave to the song middle, defining a new technology of rock. Dive into the area of recent track as Yasu showcases her prowess, inviting listeners to play “My Spaceship Lost Control” on platforms like YouTube tune. Immerse yourself in the fascinating melodies and innovative sounds that make this tune a standout in the world of rock music.

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