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🎵 Zedd‘s “Out Of Time”: New Music from the DJ’s Upcoming Album 🎵

Russian-German DJ Zedd has released the first single, “Out Of Time,” from his upcoming third studio album, “Telos,” on June 21, 2024. The album is set to be released on August 30, 2024, via Interscope Records. Zedd collaborated with Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Bea Miller on the track, marking their first collaboration. The song was written by Anton Zaslavski, Ava Brignol, Bea Miller, and Gayathri Karunakar Menon and produced by Zedd. Zedd said that the song was written in 2015 and is one of his favorite compositions.

“Out Of Time” official music video


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🌟 Explore Zedd‘s “Out Of Time”: A Fusion of EDM and Pop Music 🌟

Zedd‘s most ultra-modern album, “Out Of Time,” is a exciting fusion of EDM and pop tune. Bea Miller’s extremely good vocals increase this new tune to a incredible level. Listeners could be captivated via way of the center track’s attractive rhythms and compelling lyrics proper away. Play this music and take in its colorful vibrancy.

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