Zucati Zuce Bullions: A Masterpiece in “I Told Y’all”

Zucati Zuce Bullions I Told Y'all

Zucati Zuce Bullions: Philadelphia’s Rising Hip-Hop Talent

Philadelphia, PA (September 22, 2023) – Emerging Philadelphia, PA based emcee Zucati Zuce Bullions
recently shares his newest single release D.R.E.A.M which is now available on all digital streaming
platforms. Hip-hop all the way through and through, Zucati Zuce Bullions brings authentic and creative
energy to the new track that comes right in time for the end of the summer.
Philadelphia is known for the lyricism that derives from its streets, and Zucati should
definitely be one of the greater examples to show when in conversation about real emcees in the town.

Lyrically inclined since his childhood, Bullions grew up watching his older cousins spit rhymes. His ability
and passion for rap comes to no surprise as he has long consumed hip hop culture and wordplay.
From his first ever release, “We On It”, up to now, Zucati Zuce Bullion has grown tremendously as a
recording artist and releases like “D.R.E.A.M” and more to come are living proof. Preparing for a string of
new audio and visual releases, the Philadelphia native is ready for a busy ride.

“I Told Y’all” official music video


Song’s review

Zucati Zuce Bullions‘ “I Told Y’all” is an electrifying masterpiece that showcases his undeniable skills within the hip-hop and rap scene. From the instant the beat drops, listeners are taken on a lyrical adventure through his international. Bullion’s smart wordplay and commanding delivery demand interest, leaving an indelible mark in the ears of hip-hop fans.

The music’s production is top-notch, with a dynamic mix of beats and instrumentation that perfectly complements his sharp lyrics. “I Told Y’all” is a testimony to Bullions’ artistic prowess, and it is a must-concentrate for anyone craving actual, hard-hitting hip-hop. This song solidifies his repute as a rising star within the genre.

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