OLI presents an emotional rock song “Cold Hearts”

OLI presents an emotional rock song "Cold Hearts"


OLI makes her return with the enigmatic and introspective new single ‘Cold Hearts’, released
May 19. The pensive new song is the first from a new body of work to be revealed from the
London-based artist in 2023.
‘Cold Hearts develops OLI’s ethereal brand of alternative pop beyond what listeners have
heard before. The atmospheric synth backing is augmented by a driving percussion element
that builds throughout the song. These sounds are offset by OLI’s signature vocal
melodies, bringing light against the dark.
The song is the perfect hymn for the end of a long winter as we emerge into spring.
“I wrote ‘Cold Hearts’ in late 2022 while living in London. The winter months can seem so
long and drawn out, it’s very easy to forget that the constant darkness will eventually end.”
OLI explains, “Sometimes the only thing that will make it better is just telling yourself that it
won’t be forever, and you won’t feel this way forever either.

Cold Hearts’ official music video


Song’s review

OLI Distortion’s “Cold Hearts” is a powerful rock ballad that is both eerie and therapeutic. This song has an emotional depth that is uncommon in contemporary music, and everyone who has ever felt the anguish of heartbreak will be able to relate to it.
From the moment the opening riff of the song kicks in, it’s clear that this is going to be something special. Combining distorted guitar and hard-hitting percussion, the music grabs the listener’s attention right away. Furthermore, when OLI Distortion’s singer begins to deliver their passionate and heartfelt performance, it becomes apparent that this is a band that knows how to convey raw intensity through their music. In fact, the singer’s portrayal of the lyrics is simply breathtaking, adding another layer of emotion and power to an already impressive song. The vocals are similarly remarkable.
Despite the serious subject matter, the song has a spirit of fortitude and hope that permeates it. The uplifting words and soaring melody of the bridge imply that even under the most hopeless circumstances, there is still a chance for recovery and redemption.
Each component of the musical composition “Cold Hearts” works in perfect harmony to form a coherent and powerful whole. With the instrumentals taking on a life of their own and giving an additional depth of passion and intensity to the song, the guitar work is especially remarkable.


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