The latest song “Rebirth” by Jenny & Me is now out!

The latest song "Rebirth" by Jenny & Me is now out!

Let’s take a look at Jenny & Me musical carrier

Jenny Di Pollina, also known as Jenny & Me, has had a passion for music since she was young. As the second of four children in her family, she was always encouraged by those close to her to pursue her musical dreams.

In 2018, she participated in the “Swiss Kids Voice Tour”. She impressed everyone by making it to the top 8 finalists out of 1000 participants. It was during this competition that she met Piero Vallero, the musical director who has worked with famous artists such as Phil Collins, Jermaine Jackson, Eros Ramazotti, and many others. They hit it off immediately and began working together on various musical projects. Some projects include an EP of rearranged covers that they published in early 2023.

Jenny flew to Los Angeles to participate in Vocalstar, a prestigious competition for which she had been selected in Geneva. Her talent and potential caught the attention of the Los Angeles music industry, resulting in a collaboration with Damon Sharpe, a famous songwriter, and Grammy winner.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, Jenny saw this as an opportunity to fully devote herself to her art. She used this time to write songs and explore new creative paths.

Fast forward to 2023, Jenny partnered with Hana Road Studios, the most popular music production studio in Switzerland. Together, they produced and released a new single called “Rebirth”. This transformative title marks a new chapter in her musical career, as well as a metamorphosis of her artistic image.

Despite her young age, Jenny has already performed on stage in various countries, including Switzerland, France, Italy, San Marino, and the United States. With her captivating voice and undeniable passion, she is ready to take on the world of music. Stay tuned!

REBIRTH’s official music video


Song’s review

Firstly Jenny & Me Distortion’s “Rebirth” is an exciting and dynamic song that highlights the skills of this rising team. Moreover, the moody soundscapes and upbeat beats that support the song captivate listeners from the very first second. Furthermore, Jenny’s outstanding vocal performance on “Rebirth” is one of its most notable aspects. What stands out is her strong and passionate voice, as it exudes a sense of passion and intensity that harmonizes perfectly with the instrumental backing’s unadulterated vigor.Undoubtedly, a lot of listeners will identify with the well-written lyrics’ themes of self-discovery and regeneration.
The “Rebirth” production is of the highest caliber, with a crystal-clear and polished sound that lets each component of the mix shine. A sense of urgency and excitement is created by the distorted guitar riffs and pounding percussion, while the electronic components give the music depth and character.

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