Friendship Commanders has released the song “High Sun”

Friendship Commanders High Sun

About this great band Friendship Commanders carrier

Nashville, Tennessee-based Friendship Commanders are a heavy duo. Both drummer/bassist and vocalist/guitarist make up the band. Moreover, the band’s upcoming album, MASS, is a concept album about Massachusetts, language, and memory. Additionally, Kurt Ballou co-produced, engineered, and mixed the ten-track album in his Salem, Massachusetts studio, GodCity. Furthermore, Buick Audra’s memoir will be included with the record as a collection of writings. Finally, pre-orders are now being accepted for both of the September 29, 2023 releases.

Following their 2020 EP, a collection about being an adult survivor of childhood abuse, they published their 2022 EP,, a limited vinyl compilation of the singles they released throughout the epidemic. Kurt Ballou mixed both of them.

The group has previously released two albums. Steve Albini recorded (2018) at Electrical Audio, and the band engineered and produced 2016’s recording.

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Song’s review

Friendship Commanders‘ “High Sun” is a mesmerizingly lovely tune that displays the group’s superb musicianship and evocative writing. The song establishes a melancholy ambiance from the first chords of the guitar, capturing the listener’s attention and keeping them there till the very end.

Buick Audra and Jerry Roe’s vocals are emotional and genuine, evoking a sense of desire and anguish that is both tangible and real. “High Sun” is a brilliant creation, with complex guitar riffs and throbbing rhythms that create and release tension throughout the song. The dramatic swings between the reflective, contemplative verses and the ferocious choruses produce an intense and transformational sensation of emotional catharsis. Additionally, these contrasting components work together seamlessly to deliver a powerful and unforgettable musical experience.

The seamless method in which “High Sun” combines parts of several genres is one of its most outstanding features. The song’s distinctive sound is derived from rock, punk, and even post-rock influences. The band’s unorthodox instrumentation choices, such as the violin that dominates the song’s bridge, further support their genre-defying strategy.

To sum up, Friendship Commanders‘ “High Sun” is a fantastic accomplishment that everyone who enjoys outstanding music should listen to. This song is a true masterpiece that will stick with you long after the last notes have faded away because of its powerful voice, complex instrumentation, and moving lyrics. If you haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet, do yourself a favor and do so — you won’t be sorry!


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