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Love 2 U by Emdey

The DJ, producer, and artist, Emdey aka Marvin Dörsam, is a rising star from Hannover, Germany

Emdey was always eager to learn about music as a child and was a multi-instrumentalist.
At the age of 17, he had his first remix published on a Ministry of Sound compilation (EmBassy One). It transformed what had once been a pastime into his actual love. Armed with countless ideas and a wealth of information about music production, he achieved this feat. 2016 has come quickly, and he has signed.
There are some exclusive tracks to the legendary Armada tracks label. For example run by Armin van Buuren, who discovered a special creative atmosphere that included artists like Lost Frequencies, Tube & Berger, Dimitri Vegas, and Like Mike, to mention a few. His first significant streaming hits occurred a bit later with the tracks “Venus” (2020) and “Prima Ballerina” (2019), both of which have had over 3 million streams. The Spotify sales of his more recent hits, “Finally” (2021) and “Down Under” (2022), have also surpassed one million.
He returned in March 2023 with a rendition of the famous song “She’s Like The Wind (Through my tree)” by Patrick Swayze and Stacy Widelitz. It has already received over 250K views on YouTube since its debut. Additionally, Emdey served as the producer for one song in the Fifa 23 Soundtrack this year. That is “Work it Out” by Curtis Richa & WayBetta.

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Song’s review

Emdey‘s “Love 2 U” is a gorgeous song that brilliantly displays the artist’s extraordinary talent as a singer and songwriter. From the very first note, it captures your attention with its eerie melody and moving lyrics, and keeps it for the duration of the entire song. Fundamentally, “Love 2 U” is a song about the strength of love and how it can improve even the most trying circumstances. Additionally, Emdey‘s vocals are fervent and soulful. They exude a sense of intense emotion that harmonizes beautifully with the content of the song.
The usage of unusual instrumentation in “Love 2 U” is one of the factors that distinguishes it from other love ballads. The song’s blend of electronic and acoustic elements gives it a distinctive sound that sounds both modern and timeless. Moreover, each instrument and layer is carefully positioned to produce a rich and dynamic musical landscape. The production is of the highest caliber.


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