My Perfect Alien “Ghost Frequency” Demands Your Attention

Perfect Alien Ghost Frequency

The intergalactic group “My Perfect Alien” makes
vibrate the universe with their new single “The Ghost

My Perfect Alien is a complex cosmic being who, after being born to a Big Bang mother and an asteroid father, travels between planets in his Astronef. They focus their riffs on the ground, creating a musical tail that’s as suitable for leisurely flights into space as it is for hard landings on improvised platforms. Their UFO rock is as powerful as a supernova, and its electric parts remind one of swirling star showers. The band offers a journey across the region between punk rock and electro.

about the song:

Like all good stories, this one takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away
The round begins…
In their latest work, Ghost Frequencies, My Perfect Perfect Band
Crosses cosmic storms with the alien ship Force One. By switching between navigation modes
Pop punk and metal to slalom between thunder, rock world without
They create a score and lead the listener to an unforgettable interstellar musical experience.
The Ghost Frequency is a bold and energetic title from the famous Charles De Shotter
(Angèle, Kyo, Superbus) is combined. Female melodic vocals wave over powerful riffs
With electronic accents, it thus creates an explosive fusion that reverberates through the world.
This catchy track is the third taste from My Perfect Alien‘s upcoming EP, Under Control, which is due out at the end of 2023.
This song is expected to review the novel.
streaming and downloading media, as well as expanding your musical horizons and push the boundaries of the My Perfect Alien sonic universe. Immerse yourself in the fantastical realm of My Perfect Alien and let the power of their music sweep you away.

Ghost Frequency official music video


Song’s review

Plus or Plus, My Perfect Alien‘s “Ghost Frequency” combines elements of pop and rock/punk in an explosive collaboration, creating an exhilarating listening experience. Moreover, this cheerful song immediately grabs your attention and makes you want more with its powerful vocal effect.

“Ghost Frequency” instantly grabs your attention with its guitar riffs and pounding beats. Additionally, My Perfect Alien‘s dramatic vocals soar above the energetic music, showcasing their skill and rebellious nature. Additionally, the song is enriched with lyrics that deal with themes of inner conflict and breaking free from social constraints, providing a layer of depth.

“Furthermore,” or “Moreover,” the partnership between the two musicians ignites a musical explosion, infusing their latest song with a searing intensity that is palpable to the listener. As a result, they seamlessly blend their individual styles and deliver the song with passion. Moreover, their collaboration creates a powerful synergy that elevates the music to new heights. Furthermore, the chemistry between these two artists is palpable as they feed off each other’s energy to create something truly special. “In addition,” or “Furthermore,” the two musicians’ dynamic partnership is evident in every note, as they push each other to new creative heights. “Moreover,” or “Furthermore,” the stunning musical masterpiece resulting from their collaboration showcases their ability to explore new creative territories, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

“Furthermore,” or “In addition,” My Perfect Alien‘s ability to seamlessly transition between genres is exemplified in their diverse repertoire, with “Ghost Frequency” standing out as a shining example of their musical prowess. Whether you’re a fan of pop, rock, or punk, this catchy track is a must-listen. My Perfect Alien is undoubtedly respected in the music industry for their bold sound and unwavering attitude.

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