Lildrakex gains stardom with “Me and My Bitch”

Lildrakex Me and My Bitch

 Lildrakex: A Rising Rap Artist from Las Vegas, Nevada

Lil Dr. Akex, a new rap artist from Las Vegas, Nevada, grew up in Toronto, Ontario. His stage name is Lildrakex, written in all lowercase. He began writing lyrics in 2022 and tried to collaborate with an A-list artist through DM, but received no response. As a result, he decided to sing the songs himself, despite lacking prior musical training. To avoid confusion, I’ll switch to the first person. In August 2022, I released my first two songs, titled “Girl” and “Jeans.”

I promoted it on Reddit but received limited exposure and feedback compared to the unmixed tracks. To put more effort into promotion and showcase my developing skills, I’ve set a goal to write a full album. Though not universal, I firmly believe my music will resonate with someone, even if it’s just myself.

My songs ‘Used To’ and ‘Writer’s Block’ both have some autobiographical elements. I’m currently promoting my debut LP, which includes 19 tracks and was released on July 1st, 2023. Despite my belief that a top-notch album with exceptional vocals should sell itself, I dislike marketing. Unfortunately, I find myself resorting to aggressive advertising tactics, although I’m unapologetic about it.

I Don’t Even Know What an LP Is official music video

Song’s review

With “Me and My Bitch” featuring, Lildrakex, a rising artist in the Hip-hop/Rap genre, has created yet another captivating song. This song brilliantly displays Lildrakex’s distinctive style and his aptitude for fusing many musical genres together.

The song immediately captures your attention with its upbeat tempo and memorable hooks. Moreover, Lildrakex’s easygoing, melodic flow rides the beat with ease, demonstrating his flawless delivery and lyrical skill. Additionally, every phrase he delivers exudes confidence and charisma, leaving the listener with a lasting impression.

The “Me and My Bitch” feature embodies and breathes the exact essence and vigor of modern Hip-hop/Rap with its electrifying spirit. The flawless production, which stands out for its top-notch quality, expertly combines and smoothly blends melodic melodies with alluring trap-inspired sounds, instantly enticing and compelling you to bob your head in time. Along with adding depth, the partnership with the featured artist also brings a profound richness, enhancing and enhancing Lildrakex‘s natural flare and artistic brilliance.

Lildrakex‘s lyrical prowess explores relationships, emotions, and personal encounters, creating vivid and evocative images. His impassioned vocals and thought-provoking lyrics create a powerful “Me and My Bitch” masterpiece, establishing a profound connection on multiple levels.

In conclusion, Lildrakex‘s “Me and My Bitch” feature is evidence of his artistic prowess and a promising entry into the Hip-hop/Rap arena. It demonstrates his talent for writing catchy, impactful music that resonates with listeners. This song establishes Lildrakex as an artist to keep an eye on in the business with its slick production, catchy hooks, and real lyrics.


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