Smilez releases hip-hop gem “Someday” featuring artist

SMILEZ Someday

SMILEZ Brings Indie Rock to New Heights with Latest Single “Someday”

The new album by SMILEZ, “Ur in My Wcxki,” is a mix of hip-hop and punk. The song “Mentally I’m Somewhere Else” is about the emotional challenges associated with losing a loved one. Modern Ilip-hop production and vintage pop-punk collide loudly in “Party Party Party.” With his vivid, yellow presence, LA-based artist SMILEZ is no stranger to striking out in a crowd. He is the missing link between unbridled hip-hop swagger and grungy punk catharsis. I created my new album and all the music videos because I like to inject my DNA into everything I do.

In the vast RAGE space, he has transcended being a mere disruptor and has truly revolutionized the scene. He has not only performed on the revered Warped Tour stage but has also left an indelible mark on its history. Furthermore, he has collaborated with the legendary Snoop Dogg, elevating his music to new heights.

SMILEZ has not just opened up for Trope Redd, VViz Khalifa, and JuiceWRLD, but has actively contributed to their unparalleled success, cementing his position as a tour companion synonymous with triumph. He put out a number of tracks in 2021, including the number-one SoundOloud chart-topper “HAPPY,” which received more than 7 million streams. He finished 2022 with the incredibly moving song “Sit Back & Relax” in memory of his deceased brother, which also acts as a PSA for the fentanyl epidemic, as his well-known brand was starting to make ripples in the business. 2023 got off to a genius ‘Open Mic’ Performance from SMILEZ. On June 9th, 2023, his debut album, UR IN MY WORLD, is scheduled to be released.

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Song’s review

The newest song by SMILEZ, “Someday” featuring [artist], is a powerful demonstration of their exceptional Hip-hop/Rap prowess. The song’s catchy beats and flawless production not only attract listeners right away but also keep them hooked throughout. The passionate lyrics explore themes of grit and ambition, while SMILEZ‘s assured flow rides the beat with ease. Due to the flawless blending of their vocals, the collaboration with [artist] adds an additional dimension of beauty to the song. The song “Someday” is proof of SMILEZ‘s skill and his capacity to write a powerful Hip-hop composition. This song will leave listeners anticipating more because of its strong delivery and enduring hooks.

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