Amanda Joy Powell unveils “Running to the Light”

Amanda Running to the Light

Amanda Joy Powell has released a captivating single titled “Running to the Light,” which blends Christian music and worship

Amanda Joy Powell releases another single entitled “Running to the Light”. This song is an amazing mix of CCM and Worship that just draws you in to listen.

“I wrote this song about myself,” says Amanda. “It was a hard song to write though, because it’s a transparent window into my soul and makes me feel vulnerable. I was sitting at the piano one day, thinking that I’ve still got a lot to learn, and I’d made mistakes. Some bad habits and choices can feel like chains, dragging me down and away from God. And the truth is, some of those chains I personally.

“Running to the Light” is a captivating musical by Kenna Turner West, a seven-time Dove Award winner. The recording process was skillfully overseen by none other than the accomplished seven-time Grammy-winner, Mark Fain, adding a touch of excellence to the project. “Running to the Light” also features the musical talents of Jeremy Midkiff at Stage 7 Productions and the vocal backup talent of Lee Black and Joyce Martin.

“Running to the Light” official music video


Song’s review

“Running to the Light” is a new single by Amanda Joy Powell. The remarkable fusion of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) and worship elements in this song not only captures your attention but also compels you to want to listen.

Amanda claims, “I created this song about me. The song was challenging to create, though, since it provides a clear glimpse into my psyche and leaves me feeling exposed. One day while I practiced the piano, I thought, “I still have a lot to learn, and I’ve made mistakes.” Some poor behaviors and decisions might draw me down and away from God, feeling like shackles. And the fact is that some of those shackles I own.

“Running to the Light” not only showcases Amanda‘s mastery of blending various musical influences but also exudes a serene, yet potent vitality. Whether you’re into folk or global music, you’ll adore this song and be moved to introspection. Amanda‘s track is a testament to genre fusion’s beauty, with crafted soundscapes and a captivating storyline.

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