APE releases genre-defining album, “She’s in My Head”

APE She's in my Head

APE Unveils Debut Single “She’s in My Head” in Collaboration with William Singe

APE excels as a DJ, songwriter, composer, producer, and music publisher. Furthermore, his extensive collaborations with numerous artists have led to his impressive collection of several SNEP certifications.
He now launches his project with his first single, “She’s in My Head,” in collaboration with William Singe. With a wealth of experience and creativity as a music producer, he has skillfully crafted a unique and modern sound that is sure to captivate listeners.

Nicolas Cabat, a songwriter and producer, holds gold and platinum singles to his credit. Owner of Blue Lines studios in Paris, he usually works in the shadow of other artists, but this time he is launching his own project. For his album, he surrounded himself with talented artists such as William Singe, a singer with 3 billion Streams, as well as co-composers: Oliver Ryon (platinum, Spanish DJ hit sachem, etc…) Sam Parmiter (lyricist for Lewis Capaldi etc…). The video clip for his new track “She’s in My Head” was shot in Los Angeles with director Julien Gauthier (Jok’air, Fianeso, Cannes awards, etc…) Chef op Andrew (Jude Law, Julia Roberts, etc…)

“She’s in My Head” official music video


Song’s review

APE, a skilled artist, presents “She’s in My Head,” blending Electronic, Pop, and R&B/Soul for a captivating auditory delight. Moreover, the song’s enthralling narrative of love and longing is further enriched by its unique and innovative genre fusion.

APE‘s silky vocals, which express unfiltered passion and vulnerability, command attention from the first notes. A pulsing background provided by the electronic components captivates listeners and sets the mood. The R&B/Soul undertones create deep feelings, while Pop influences bring a captivating melody that lingers even after the song ends.

As they traverse the nuances of desire and heartbreak, APE‘s poetic talent truly shines through. Moreover, the production is not only expertly produced but also strikingly balanced between contemporary soundscapes and vintage sensibilities. The remarkably diverse fusion of various genres present in “She’s in My Head” not only showcases APE‘s impressive adaptability but also underscores their potential for a remarkably bright future in the music industry.

Let APE‘s musical genius create a vivid emotional environment for you while you listen to “She’s in My Head” so that it stays with you long after the song stops.

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