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Chiara Foschiani OVERDOSE

Chiara Foschiani: The 16-Year-Old School Dropout Turned Rising Music Star

Chiara Foschiani, a French singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, left school at 16 to pursue music. In 2021, she released her EP Trouble Maker and founded her independent label 17C-Records. Chiara’s music focuses on emotion and aims to change the male-dominated industry. She talks about toxic love, predation, and self-discovery, revealing her personality through dark, melancholic alternative pop. Chiara is concerned about sexual violence and harassment and has been a finalist in the international songwriting competition in the POP/TOP40 category with Sabotage. She is the only French artist selected in all categories.

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Song’s review

“OVERDOSE” through Pop artist Chiara Foschiani is an enthralling musical adventure that captivates the senses from the very first word. With its infectious beat, coupled with Foschiani’s spell-binding vocals, this music seamlessly blends elements from both father, digital, and R&B genres, creating a harmonious fusion of sounds.

The manufacturing is excellent; consequently, it creates a lush sonic panorama that effectively envelops the listener. Chiara Foschiani‘s voice is the superstar of the show; moreover, it delivers emotional intensity and vulnerability. Moreover, the lyrics discover issues of love and choice, drawing the target market right into an international of ardor and intensity.

What truly sets “OVERDOSE” apart, however, is its remarkable capacity to awaken a wide range of emotions. Spanning a wide spectrum of emotions, the album possesses the remarkable power to elicit an array of feelings within a single listening experience.

In conclusion, “OVERDOSE” is a must-concentrate for everybody yearning a clean and evocative pop sound. Chiara Foschiani‘s artistry shines brightly on this track; moreover, her remarkable talent makes it a standout addition to the present-day music scene. Furthermore, her unique style and captivating vocals set this song apart, making it a must-listen for music enthusiasts.

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