JENNY & ME ‘s Vocals Shine in “Une chanson, une histoire”

JENNY & ME Une chanson, une histoire

JENNY & ME Lifelong Music Passion

Jenny Di Pollina, also known as JENNY & ME, has been passionate about music since childhood. In 2018, she participated in the “Swiss Kids Voice Tour” and met Piero Vallero, a renowned musical director. They collaborated on an EP and re-arranged covers.

In 2019, she participated in the Vocalstar competition in Los Angeles, resulting in a collaboration with Damon Sharpe. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jenny dedicated herself to her artistry, producing and releasing a new single, “Rebirth.” She has performed in Switzerland, France, Italy, San Marino, and the US.

“Une chanson, une histoire”  official music video


Song’s review

“Une chanson, une histoire” by JENNY & ME is a captivating mixture of Pop and R&B/Soul that not only leaves a long-lasting impression but also seamlessly blends the two genres, making it a truly unique musical experience. This tune seamlessly combines rich, soulful vocals, and, furthermore, it infuses them with a catchy melody that lingers persistently in your mind long after the track has stopped.

JENNY & ME‘s powerful and emotive voice not only takes center stage but also gracefully hands over heartfelt lyrics that seamlessly resonate with listeners. The tune’s manufacturing is masterful; moreover, it boasts a cultured sound that elegantly highlights the artist’s vocal prowess. The instrumentation is a great supplement, including depth and texture to the overall composition.

“Une chanson, une histoire” explores subject matters of love, longing, and the passage of time, making it relatable to an extensive target market. Whether you’re a fan of R&B/Soul or really recognize the nicely-crafted tune, this song is positive to captivate your senses. JENNY & ME‘s artistry shines brightly on this launch, making it a must-concentrate for music enthusiasts looking for a genuine and emotionally resonant experience.

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