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MrMessy Gold

MrMessy ‘s Musical Journey: From Loss to Resurgence

MrMessy, a renowned electronic musician, worked for years on creating perfect electronic songs. However, a visit from Mr. Murphy led to the loss of all his work, including secretive formulas, and the destruction of four heavily damaged songs.

Despite this, MrMessy has since become a producer and supported various groups, including Crimer, HNO, Swedish, Junes, Gigi Moto, MyKungFu, Marius et die Jagdkapelle, Al-Berto & fried bikinis, Yes I’m very tired now, and From Kid. In 2013, an assistant discovered a jaunie containing the remaining forgotten songs, revitalizing them and bringing MrMessy back to life. The collaboration with Michael Gysel, part of MrMessy‘s close friends, is set to release in the future.

“Gold”  official music video


Song’s review

“Gold” by Electronic-Pop artist MrMessy is not only a dazzling sonic gem but also a mesmerizing masterpiece that captivates listeners from the very first note. The song’s production is a masterclass in blending electronic and pop elements, effortlessly weaving together various sonic textures, thus creating a lush and vibrant soundscape that’s impossible to resist.

MrMessy‘s vocals are a highlight; moreover, they exude a raw and emotive quality that perfectly complements the track’s lyrical depth. The lyrics themselves delve into themes of ambition and the pursuit of dreams, further striking a relatable chord with many listeners.

What truly sets “Gold” apart, however, is its infectious energy. Moreover, the pulsating beats and catchy melodies linger long after the song ends, thereby making it a perfect playlist addition. MrMessy‘s memorable hook in “Gold” ensures it’ll be on repeat for days.

In a genre often marked by predictability, MrMessy brings innovation and authenticity to the table. “Gold” showcases his talent and will leave a lasting impression on listeners.

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