Chris Lanzon “Lilo”: A Melodic Revelation

Chris Lanzon

Chris Lanzon Drops “Lilo”: An Indie-Folks Gem 🎶

Chris Lanzon, a Sydney-based indie-folks singer-songwriter, has released a new song, “Lilo,” as a comply with-up to his collaboration unmarried “Angel Litany” with Los Angeles-based Harmony. Both songs could be featured on Lanzon’s upcoming mission. The track, written by using Lanzon, Demi Louise, and Jerome Blazé, is a confession and dedication to the love and support of those for your life, whether or not they are own family, friends, or lovers. The song is both unhappy and delightful, relying on how you view it, and Lanzon considers it his favorite sort of track.

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Dive into “Lilo”: Fly By Chris Lanzon Latest Pop Gem 🎶

Take a listen to Fly’s most recent pop single, “Lilo,” a Gen Z singer-songwriter. with Chris Lanzon‘s helpful assistance. This brand-new song connects with listeners with meaningful words and an intriguing melody. A mid-tempo piece from his repertoire, “Lilo” by Lanzon shows how much he has grown as a musician. Play this interesting song, regardless of whether you’re on YouTube Music or any other platform. 🎵

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