NOEL “Without Calling”: A Raw, Emotional Pop Track 🎶


NOEL Releases New Music “Without Calling” on May 10, 2024 🎵

Swedish singer-songwriter NOEL has launched a new music, “Without Calling,” on May 10, 2024, marking the first song since the debut EP “Headed North”. The song, written through Fredrik Häggstam, Mitchell Lewis, and NOEL, explores the conflict among trying love but now not feeling correct sufficient for it, leading to distancing oneself from it. The song became written in a cabin with two favourite songwriting pals, taking handiest 2-3 hours to jot down. NOEL describes the method as magical, because it became written without studio equipment and with a guitar, growing a rougher and dirtier sound that he enjoys creating and being attentive to.

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Fly By NOEL “Without Calling”: A Fresh Pop Music Gem 🌟

Take off. “Without Calling,” a new music with the aid of NOEL, is an exciting addition to the Gen Z singer-songwriter genre. This pop track is unique because of its actual tone and unadulterated emotional intensity. The artist’s center tune, “Cozy Cabin,” changed into written in a heat cabin with just a guitar and discusses the war between wanting affection and feeling insufficient. The tune “Without Calling” has a fascinating and available tone that is gritty and nasty. Make certain to listen to the music on YouTube Music by means of clicking this link, and lose yourself within the transferring narrative of NOEL.

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