Alec Benjamin “12 Notes”: A Musical Journey Unveiled

Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin “12 Notes”: A Melodic Chronicle 🎵

On May 10, 2024, American singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin published “12 Notes,” his third studio album. The 12-track album was created by a number of musicians, including Earwulf, Johnny Goldstein, Jordi, OZGO, Sacha Skarbek, Sam de Jong, Sir Nolan, StarGate, Stephen Barnes, and The Diner. It features guest performances by American singer-songwriter Khalid. Benjamin stated that he would rather share his experiences and recollections with listeners, characterising each piece of music as a mirror of his struggles and victories.

“12 Notes” official music video


Song’s review

🎶 The Musical Marvel of “12 Notes” by Alec Benjamin

The melody is too soothing and pleasant. The track has really amazing and sensational rhythms. His tone of voice is absolutely wonderful and beautiful. The melody is also high class and wonderful. Listening to this artistic artwork is really enjoyable for every audience. these factors make this masterpiece more enjoyable, and absolutely world class .🤩

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