Elohim “Tiny Human” Music Video: A Visual Feast


New Music Video: “Tiny Human” by Elohim 🎶

A new music video for the song “Tiny Human” by Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer Elohim was released on May 14, 2024. The song, written by Cory Enemy, Daniel J. Alm, Elohim, and Tim James, is taken from her upcoming album “Power Of Panic.” The concept of being a “tiny” existence in a huge globe is reflected in the film, which highlights the value of humility and groundedness in life. Elohim, Tim James, Cory Enemy, and AWAY produced the song, which was released in March.

“Tiny Human” official music video


Song’s review

Fly By Elohim “Tiny Human”: A Pop Sensation

With “Tiny Human,” Fly By Elohim creates a captivating pop tune. This new song creates an appealing aural feast by skillfully combining catchy tunes with thoughtful words. With its captivating hooks and powerful production, “Tiny Human” keeps listeners captivated from the first chords to the very last crescendo. Amazing, ear-catching, and gentle! The singer’s beautiful and soothing tone of voice impressed me very much. The rhythms and the melody were both amazing and attractive. The music arrangement was well produced.🥰

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