Dean Lewis Drops New Song “All I Ever Wanted” 🎵

Dean Lewis

Dean Lewis New Music: “All I Ever Wanted” 🎶

Australian singer-songwriter Dean Lewis has launched a brand new song, “All I Ever Wanted,” following his March launch, “The Last Bit Of Us.” The song, written by way of the usage of Lewis and co-produced via Afterhrs, have become recorded in Los Angeles and functions a tune video directed via Sean Loaney. The music explores the realization that the preliminary dating with a woman become brilliant, however the grass isn’t greener. Lewis reflects on the perception that his beyond with a female have become everything he ever desired, and he needs he may additionally want to pass lower returned. The track become produced thru Andrew Haas and Ian Franzino.

“All I Ever Wanted” official music video


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Fly By Dean Lewis “To Be Alright”: A Pop Music Gem 🎵

Pop tune fans will find Fly By Dean Lewis‘s “To Be Alright” particularly noteworthy because it skillfully combines parts of a current track with Australian popular way of life origins. The endearing melody and melancholy lyrics of this new song pull listeners in. The middle music has an specifically awesome bridge that shines and makes the whole music better. It is each non violent and invigorating whilst you play the song. Any pop music playlist would possibly benefit drastically from its inclusion. On YouTube Music, do not forget to be aware of this interesting tune.

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