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Selma Higgins

🌟 Selma Higgins Unveils New Music: “Summertime” 🌟

Danish-Irish singer-songwriter Selma Higgins launched her first unmarried, “Summertime,” on May 31, 2024. The track, a follow-up to “A Family,” explores the idea of imperfectness and awkwardness. The music, written through Ronni Vindahl, Selma Higgin s, and Thomas Fjalland Lund, turned into produced by using Danish producer Ronni Vindahl. Higgins pursuits to create a sensuous, summer season-stimulated song, harking back to Grease’s “Summer Nights,” shooting the sensation of butterflies within the stomach and the excitement of summer time.

“Summertime” official music video


Song’s review

🎵 New Music Review: “Summertime” by Fly By Selma Higgins 🎵

As “Summertime” by way of the usage of Fly By Selma Higgins performs, be prepared to enjoy the pop track vibes! Its catchy melody and lively rhythm flawlessly reflect the spirit of the season on this new tune. This tune seems to be a want to-play for any event, making it perfect to your playlist. This song will hold you playing it over and over, from the hole chords to the center music’s give up. Take a have a take a look at “Summertime” and discover the area of YouTube track. This pop track treasure need to not be unnoticed!

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