Déborah Leclerq: The Voice Redefining R&B/Soul Music

Déborah Leclerq Ton travail ou tes fesses

Déborah Leclerq: From Social Media Covers to Musical Stardom

In 2020, at the age of 20, the young actress Déborah Leclerq took the stage, her guitar and posts covers on social networks. Then came her first texts and compositions: 2 titles released over time, then a duet with Jules Jaconelli, and opening acts for Clara Luciani, Hervé, Charlie Winston. She’s set to release “SOLIDE” on 10.21, followed by her debut EP later this year.

A singular flow that belongs only to her. A way to place her words, free, outside the mechanics of the machines that she makes organic. A dark tone, like a veil, whose cracks let through shards of light. Here is Déborah Leclerq, well set up in this new French scene between chanson, R’n’B, and pop, unclassifiable but already necessary.

“Ton travail ou tes fesses” official music video


Song’s review

Déborah Leclerq‘s “Ton travail ou tes fesses” is a captivating mixture of R&B and Soul that right now attracts listeners with its infectious rhythm and sultry vocals. The tune showcases Leclerq’s top-notch vocal range, as she effortlessly navigates between smooth, velvety tones and powerful, emotive highs. The lyrics exude self-assurance and charisma, narrating a tale of empowerment, and urging listeners to prioritize personal goals over societal norms.

The production shines with lush instrumentation and a groovy bassline, keeping the energy alive. “Ton travail ou tes fesses” is a refreshing R&B/Soul addition, showcasing Déborah Leclerq‘s talent, leaving listeners eagerly awaiting more.

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