Spiky “DANGER”: A Musical Gem Worth Discovering


Spiky: A Multi-Platinum Trailblazer in the Music Industry

Spiky is the founder and CEO of Diamond Distro Records, Spiky IMIN Publishing, and Spiky Production and Management. has achieved multi-Platinum status since 2009. The company sources, develops, and works with handpicked artists to ensure their music aligns with their inner self and brand. All artists undergo a structured developmental and coaching program to enhance their artistic abilities.

Diamond Distro focuses on developing talented artists who can lead their industry with speed, quality, and professionalism. The company has signed artists like Knucklehead, Azriel Reckley, and Kevin Gates. Unlike traditional music entertainment and management companies, Diamond Distro is not a full-service company. Spiky‘s nontraditional business model ensures consistent quality output, and her 20 years of corporate experience accelerates output and lowers overall costs.

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Song’s review

In her ultra-modern music, “DANGER,” the multi-gifted artist Spiky gives you an enchanting mixture of electronic, pop, and R&B/soul elements. With an infectious beat and sultry vocals, the tune takes listeners on a sonic journey full of intrigue and innovation. Spiky‘s evocative lyrics and expertly crafted manufacturing exhibit her mastery of the artwork form. “DANGER” is a testament to Spiky‘s capability to push musical barriers, offering a clean and captivating sound that leaves us eagerly looking forward to her next musical enterprise.


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