Gretta Ray Latest Hit: Exploring “Roses”

Gretta Ray

Gretta Ray Drops Extended Edition of “Positive Spin +”

Australian singer-songwriter Gretta Ray has released an extended edition of her sophomore album, “Positive Spin +”, offering a sixteen-music album, 12 songs, a brand new track “Roses”, a 2020 collaboration with Japanese Wallpaper, and new versions of “Upgraded” and “Heartbreak Baby”. The music, written through Ray and producer Gab Strum, became recorded among domestic studios and Purple Wayne Studios in Collingwood. Ray expressed her choice to proportion “Roses” along with her fans, declaring it belongs on a model of Positive Spin.

“Roses” official music video


Song’s review

Exploring “Roses”: Gretta Ray Latest Pop Hit

In this today’s evaluation on my blog, I’m excited to delve into “Roses” by means of Australian pop artist Gretta Ray. This cutting-edge addition to her repertoire is a captivating pop music that effects captivates listeners. With its catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics, “Roses” sticks out as a standout song in Ray’s discography. As a middle track in her prolonged album “Positive Spin +”, it showcases her versatility and growth as a musician. Fans of dad song will absolutely find themselves hitting replay in this spell binding track. For those keen to dive into Ray’s trendy services, “Roses” is a must-play music available on YouTube Music.

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