PHIA Strikes Again: “Friends Don’t Kiss” Breakdown


PHIA Debut EP “Talk To Me” Unveils Personal Narratives

London-based singer-songwriter PHIA has announced her debut EP, “Talk To Me,” set to be launched in May 2024 thru LAB Records. The EP capabilities songs primarily based on non-public reviews, aiming to attach human beings to her global. The third unmarried, “Friends Don’t Kiss,” was released on March 15, 2024, and changed into co-written by means  and manufacturer BLANDA in Los Angeles. The EP targets to offer a deeper connection to  life stories.

“Friends Don’t Kiss” official music video


Song’s review

PHIA Captivating Pop Tune: “Friends Don’t Kiss”

In her today’s pop song, “Friends Don’t Kiss,” PHIA delivers a charming melody that effortlessly blends heartfelt lyrics with infectious rhythms. This new music from the London-based totally artist stands proud as a center song in her musical journey, showcasing her expertise for crafting catchy pop song. With its colourful strength and relatable subject, “Friends Don’t Kiss” is positive to resonate with listeners searching out their subsequent favorite play on YouTube Music. potential to infuse emotion into her track shines brightly in this track, making it a have to-concentrate for enthusiasts of cutting-edge pop track.

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