John Finbury Musical Alchemy: A Fusion of Styles

John Finbury Chão De Nuvem

John Finbury: A Grammy and Latin Grammy-Nominated Composer

John Finbury is a Grammy and Latin Grammy-nominated composer based in Andover Massachusetts. He started his career as a rock & roll drummer in his teens. He later studied classical piano and music theory at the Longy School of Music in Cambridge and Boston University. In 2014, he released “The Green Flash,” an EP of Brazilian Jazz songs, which earned him a 2015 nomination for The American Songwriting Awards. The following year, 2015, marked the release of “Imaginário,” an album showcasing 11 original Brazilian jazz compositions.

Fast forward to 2016, and a track from “Imaginário” received a coveted Latin Grammy nomination. Then, in 2019, he collaborated with Brazilian singer-songwriter Thalma de Freitas on “Sorte!”, a project that secured a Grammy Award nomination for Best Latin Jazz Album in 2020.

“Chão De Nuvem”  official music video


Song’s review

“Chão De Nuvem” via John Finbury is not only a charming musical adventure but also a mesmerizing journey that seamlessly blends Classical, Instrumental, Jazz, and World influences. Finbury’s information as a composer shines brilliantly via on this masterful piece, which takes the listener on a spell-binding voyage.

The track begins with a gentle, hypnotic melody; however, it gradually builds in intensity as it progresses. The intricate instrumentation, furthermore including sensitive piano, coupled with evocative strings, and complemented by enthralling woodwinds, creates a wealthy tapestry of sound that envelops the senses. Finbury’s composition skillfully includes elements from numerous musical traditions, resulting in a really global sonic enjoyment.

What units “Chão De Nuvem” apart is its capability to evoke quite a number of feelings, from contemplation to excitement. “The seamless interplay among extraordinary musical factors, such as melody, rhythm, and harmony, not only captivates but also keeps the listener engaged throughout the entire duration

In the end, John Finbury‘s “Chão De Nuvem” is a fascinating masterpiece that defies conventional styles; furthermore, it showcases his exceptional skills as a composer and musician. “It’s not only a musical gem; it also deserves a prominent place in every music lover’s collection.

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