Laura Brizuela: Redefining Music with “Right Cheek”

Laura Brizuela Right Cheek

Laura Brizuela ‘s Musical Evolution

After drawing a line under the world of superficial encounters in his single “EMOJI”, German-Paraguayan singer-songwriter Laura Brizuela
doesn’t mince words in his new disco-tinged track “Right Cheek”. She describes it as “an anthem calling for self-acceptance and quitting
to bend over backward to meet the expectations of others. » Brizuela goes on to explain the origin of the single.

“Inspired by my own journey of personal development, this song is an ode to being yourself and no longer needing to conform to the expectations of others. I wanted since long time write a song on this theme. “Right Cheek” came to me very
easily “. “I was wandering around my apartment when I heard Mathéo playing the accordion in the studio,” she remembers. “Suddenly the chorus came to my mind and I started singing.”

“Right Cheek” official music video


Song’s review

“Right Cheek” via the multi-gifted artist Laura Brizuela is an enchanting blend of Hip-hop, Rap, Pop, and R&B/Soul. Clocking in at simply over three minutes, however, this track takes listeners on a fascinating sonic journey.

Brizuela’s lyrical prowess shines brightly at some stage in the music; furthermore, her singing exudes confidence and mindset. Her rhymes are sharp, and her waft is impeccable, showcasing her mastery of the Hip-hop and Rap genres. However, what units “Right Cheek” aside is its seamless fusion with factors of Pop and R&B/Soul. The catchy hooks and easy melodies upload an impossible-to-resist layer of accessibility, making it a tune that’s as exciting to bop to as it is to research lyrically.

The production is first-rate; furthermore, it is pinnacle-notch, with a beat that is not only lively but also infectious. Brizuela’s vocals are the cherry on the pinnacle, delivering a performance that’s both sultry and effective.

In conclusion, “Right Cheek” is a style-bending masterpiece that demonstrates Laura Brizuela’s versatility as an artist. It’s a tune that demands repeat listens; furthermore, it firmly establishes her as an emerging force in the track enterprise.

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