KNETX ‘s “SOMETHING/NOTHING”: An Electrifying Journey


KNETX: A Dynamic Rock Band from the Heart of Austin, Texas

From the shadowy corners of Austin, Texas comes a raucous new five-piece rock outfit called KNETX (pronounced kinetics). Comprised of five friends from the Austin underground rock scene – Jesse Lee (lead guitar), Chris Brockett (bass), Tom Jackson (drums), Clay Lowe (keys/synth) and Mike Kiddoo at the helm (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) – the group awakens the spirit of 90s alternative with their own modern skew. Since their debut performance in February 2022, the group has been making noise around central Texas, touring the midwest, and dropping smoking hot singles and videos, teasing their next-to-be-released debut EP.

“SOMETHING/NOTHING” official music video


Song’s review

Pop-rock/Punk artist KNETX gives you a compelling sonic enjoy with their tune “SOMETHING/NOTHING.” The song opens with an arresting guitar riff, placing the tone for a high-electricity experience. Mike Kiddoo’s gritty vocals flawlessly match the rebellious spirit of the style, infusing uncooked emotion into the lyrics. The tight rhythm section, anchored by using Chris Brockett’s bass and Tom Jackson’s drums, propels the tune ahead with unwavering power.

As the track progresses, Clay Lowe’s synth paintings provides an intriguing layer of texture, blending seamlessly with Jesse Lee’s guitar mastery. “SOMETHING/NOTHING” captures the 90s alternative essence while infusing KNETX‘s unmistakable modern energy. It’s a song that demands repeat listens and leaves listeners eagerly awaiting what this rising band has in shop.

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