Lillian Hepler ‘s Pop Magic: Unraveling “House Of Lies”

Lillian Hepler House Of Lies new music

Lillian Hepler Unveils Latest Single, “House Of Lies”

Lillian Hepler, a Los Angeles-primarily based singer-songwriter, has launched a new song, “House Of Lies,” as a part of her upcoming EP. The music, primarily based on her personal revel in, explores the emotional effect of a tumultuous breakup. Written via Ella Boh, Joshua Zegan, and Hepler, and produced by means of Joshua “yesh” Zegan, the song highlights the sensation of thinking whether or not the ending of a protracted-time period relationship become sincerely actual.

“House Of Lies” official music video


Song’s review

In her latest pop song enterprise, Lillian unveils “House Of Lies,” a fascinating new music that seamlessly blends the essence of a center music with the freshness of a brand new release. The artist skillfully navigates the pop genre, creating a sonic journey that invitations listeners to play the tune on repeat. “House Of Lies” unfolds its melodic narrative, making it a noteworthy addition to any YouTube track playlist.

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