Maijah’s Sonic Triumph: A Joyful Dive into the Depths of “The Star”

Maijah The Star new music

Maijah ‘s Latest Musical Offering: “The Star”

American singer-songwriter Maijah released her first single of 2024, “The Star,” on January 30, 2024. The track, an observe-as much as her December release “Never the Muse (Demo),” capabilities starry melodies and a double which means, alluding to reputation and confidence. Written by means of Angelo Niko De Laurentis and Anastasia Sanson-Frey, the music pursuits to expose listeners that they are able to attain their dreams and resonate with the idea of being destined for repute.

“The Star” official music video

Song’s review

In Maijah‘s enthralling “The Star,” a transcendent mixture of New Age and dad track unfolds. The song, embedded as a middle tune, introduces a refreshing new vibe to the track scene. artistry shines thru in this fascinating new track, beckoning listeners to play it on platforms like YouTube Music. The track’s melodic richness and lyrical depth make it a standout addition to the artist’s repertoire.

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