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Max Ehrich Diverse Acting Career

Max Ehrich is set to star in a new feature film later this year. He previously starred in the musically driven film Southern Gospel, co-starring in Jenji Kohan’s Lifetime Series American Princess, and in the Netflix film WALK. RIDE, RODEO. Max, known for his role as Fenmore Baldwin in YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, earned four consecutive Daytime Emmy nominations from 2013 to 2016. The film narrates the tale of a man who heroically safeguards the girl he loves on the Backroads. Max‘s talent as a singer and songwriter was further exemplified by his collaboration with Amberley Snyder in the film.

“Wanna Come Through”  official music video


Song’s review

“BACKROADS” by Max Ehrich is a captivating blend of Pop and R&B/Soul that showcases the artist’s exceptional vocal range and emotive delivery. The song instantly draws listeners in with its infectious melody and heartfelt lyrics, weaving a tale of love and adventure.

Ehrich’s smooth, soulful voice effortlessly conveys the song’s longing and wanderlust, forging an emotional connection with the audience. The polished and dynamic production enhances the track’s overall impact. “BACKROADS” is a compelling musical journey that highlights Max Ehrich‘s talent as a singer and songwriter, leaving a lasting impression.

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