STRAYBOY Musical Canvas: “EX MORTIS” Unveiled


STRAYBOY: The Corsican Artist Breaking Chains Through Music

STRAYBOY is a RAPPER, Corsican Author-Composer from Ajaccio, his only goal is to help you make people feel the rage of their past which still lives deep inside themselves, indeed the Corsican artist from Ajaccio denounces moral harassment on several occasions in his music. Since he was 15 years old, he has been creating songs to overcome the moral bullying he had as a youngster and to express himself.

His goal in the music industry is to let the wrath that burns within of him, a charcoal burner, tattooist, writer, and a rapper who eats production and the Micro, be heard. The musician, who is sometimes compared to Seth Guetto, explains his path with uniqueness and hopes to make a lasting impression, especially with his first song, NECRONOMICON, which had a sensational launch in the market. accessible via streaming services

“Wanna Come Through”   official music video


Song’s review

“EX MORTIS” by STRAYBOY is a genre-blending masterpiece that effortlessly fuses elements of classical, electronic, and hip-hop music. The opening notes draw listeners into a mesmerizing soundscape that transcends traditional boundaries. The classical instrumentation provides a rich and emotive backdrop, while electronic beats and hip-hop rhythms inject a modern, dynamic energy.

STRAYBOY‘s ability to weave these diverse elements together is nothing short of remarkable. The result is a hauntingly beautiful composition that tells a compelling musical story. “EX MORTIS” showcases STRAYBOY‘s innovative artistry, pushing musical boundaries and leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

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