Rachel Platten “Bad Thoughts”: A Viral Pop Hit

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Rachel Platten Drops “Bad Thoughts”: A Musical Beacon of Comfort

American singer-songwriter Rachel Platten launched her new tune “Bad Thoughts” on April 26, 2024, as the second one unmarried of 2024. The music, written through Kyan Palmer, Nick Lee, and Rachel Platten, become produced by Jason Evigan and Gian Stone. Originally titled “Listen to this if you’re having a panic assault,” the song serves as a reminder to floor oneself and is hoped to carry consolation during dark moments. The song become at the beginning intended to be a panic assault anthem.

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“Bad Thoughts” by Fly By Rachel Platten: A Viral Pop Sensation

In this brief however poignant assessment, “Bad Thoughts” by artist Fly By Rachel Platte n emerges as a charming addition to the viral pop music scene. Platten’s brand new tune moves a chord with its infectious melody and relatable lyrics, making it a standout inside the realm of dad song. Positioned as a center song in her repertoire, “Bad Thoughts” showcases Platten’s increase and flexibility as an artist. Whether you are discovering it as a new music or hitting replay for your preferred YouTube music playlist, “Bad Thoughts” is sure to resonate and captivate audiences with its catchy hooks and comforting vibes.

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