Scribe & Morshy Unleash Resounding Success with “Show”

Scribe and Morshy Show

Scribe & Morshy : Pioneers of the Brussels Hip-Hop Scene

Scribe & Morshy are 2 artists from the Brussels scene.
Both in music for more than 20 years, these 2 passionate
take their first steps in hip-hop each on their own to
finally, meet in 1996.
In addition to being two great friends, these two super creative have already done
4 albums, one of which will be on sale of cially.
They have already traveled extensively on Belgian stages such as the
Botanique, the Summerfestival, Le Magasin4, Bruxelles les Bains, the
Madeleine and various multi-cultural events.
Their show is n close, skin born for several months, they have you
prepared sounds mixing digital and acoustic.
These two virtuosos will take you to the land where you don’t age on
a background of Pop/Rap music imbued with their identities.
Currently, they have made collaborations with great figures
French rap such as Sir Samuel (former of the saian supa Crew, author
of the song Angela) and Brasco, 2 great artists who support
Scribe & Morshy and which will be available for possible dates at
This year, they will chain singles, clips, concerts, and festivals.
You cannot miss it.

“Show” the official music video


Song’s review

With their most recent track, “Show,” Scribe & Morshy, and the electronic musician HElectronic have undeniably achieved resounding success. By seamlessly incorporating hip-hop, rap, and pop genres into this compelling partnership, they have not only created a melodious and exhilarating musical experience for their audience but also showcased their incredible versatility.

The opening beat of “Show” attracts listeners from the very first beat. The tune is filled with a dynamic and enthralling energy thanks to Scribe’s smooth flow and Morshy’s distinctive vocal style, which perfectly complement one another. The electronic elements of HElectronic, in addition to their captivating melody, give the already mesmerizing song a novel twist, thereby introducing new levels of complexity.

The lyrics of the song explore themes of empowerment and self-expression, urging listeners to accept their individuality and let their true selves show. “Show” makes an impact because of its memorable lyrics and catchy chorus.

Overall, Scribe & Morshy‘s partnership with HElectronic exemplifies their flawless chemistry and artistic ability. Hip-hop, rap, and pop music lovers alike should give “Show” a try because it will have you going back for more.

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