Sohodolls Electrify with “Mother Wouldn’t Like It”🎶


Sohodolls Unveil “Mother Wouldn’t Like It” as Second 2024 Single

London-based electropop band Sohodolls launched their 2nd single, “Mother Wouldn’t Like It,” on April 19, 2024. The song, written with the aid of lead singer Maya Von Doll and produced with the aid of Ben Woods, Gavin Panton, Harry Purser, Maya von Doll, and Nick Fowles, is the second one single of 2024 and could appear on their upcoming sophomore album. The song became formerly launched in February.

“Mother Wouldn’t Like It” official music video


Song’s review

A Crisp Review of “Mother Wouldn’t Like It” by Fly By Sohodolls

Delving into the realm of electronic rock, “Mother Wouldn’t Like It” emerges as a captivating song by Fly By Sohodolls. This dynamic new song stands out amidst the sea of contemporary pop music, infusing an edgy vibe into the middle song of the listener’s playlist. With its pulsating beats and electrifying energy, it’s destined to become a favorite YouTube music pick for many. Press play on this track to experience a fusion of electronic and rock elements that make for an exhilarating sonic journey.

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