Sohodolls’ New Music Discovery: “What Kinda Love”

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Sohodolls Unveils Emotional New Track “What Kinda Love”

London-based electropop band Sohodolls, offering vocalist Maya von Doll, released a brand new tune titled “What Kinda Love” on February 29, 2024. The track changed into written via von Doll for the duration of a difficult time in her life, wherein she felt her musical goals have been over. The subject matter of the track explores the feeling of life slipping away and finding pleasure in daydreams. The band collaborated with manufacturer Otabek Salamov at the music.

Von Doll shared that she wrote the song in the course of a difficult time, inclusive of pregnancy weight benefit, insomnia, tension, and a record deal. She become additionally out of a job and needed to hand in her observe at her London workplace at some stage in lockdown. She felt like she changed into in a lockdown within a lockdown, writing the tune on her stroll to the supermarket in a scruffy tracksuit, feeling invisible and like an unemployed failure.

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Song’s review

Check out “What Kinda Love” with the aid of Sohodolls! This digital rock music can provide a charming blend of father music elements. Positioned as a center song in Sohodolls‘ repertoire, it stands proud as a sparkling addition to the track scene. Whether you’re streaming it on YouTube Music or your preferred platform, this new track is a need-to-play for fanatics of cutting-edge digital rock. Experience the infectious beats and catchy hooks that outline “What Kinda Love” and immerse your self in Sohodolls‘ specific sound.

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