Marie Dahlstrom’s Latest Release: “Glass”

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Marie Dahlstrom Drops New Single “Glass”

Danish singer-songwriter Marie Dahlstrom has released a new music, “Glass,” as the second one single from her upcoming deluxe version of her 2023 album “A Good Life”. The tune, written by way of Dahlstrom and Daniel Adekugbe, is ready accountability and vulnerability, aiming to inspire openness approximately private flaws. The deluxe edition of “A Good Life” is ready to launch on March thirteen, 2024, thru JFH Records.

“Glass” official music video


Song’s review

This new music can provide a charming combo of soulful melodies and introspective lyrics. It’s the kind of pop music that hits you right in the feels. “Glass” sticks out as a standout center music in Dahlstrom’s repertoire, showcasing her potential to play with emotions and vulnerability. Whether you are listening on YouTube Music or your favourite streaming platform, this song is a have to-upload on your playlist.

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