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Until The Ribbon Breaks Drops “Strange Times” Single

British electronic pop band Until The Ribbon Breaks, featuring Pete Lawrie-Winfield on vocals and Elliot Wall on drums, has released a new song, “Strange Times,” and a music video on March 6, 2024. The song follows the collaboration single “Nature Mother” with Emoni Wilkins, and was written by James Gordon and produced by Pete Lawrie Winfield. The video was directed by Winfield, who expressed his excitement about the collaboration with a small crew and the beautiful state of Florida.

“Strange Times” official music video


Song’s review

In the area of father song, Until The Ribbon Breaks can provide some other charming track with “Strange Times.” This new music seamlessly blends elements of dad with intriguing sonic landscapes. As a center music of their discography, it showcases the band’s evolution at the same time as keeping their signature sound. “Strange Times” is a must-play song for anybody looking to discover clean tunes in the pop genre. You can without difficulty locate it on YouTube Music, in which its infectious melodies and evocative lyrics look forward to. Give it a concentrate and immerse yourself in the particular world of Until The Ribbon Breaks.

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