Still Corners Shines Bright with “Today is the Day”🔥

Still Corners

Still Corners Releases Latest Single “Today is the Day” 🎶

Still Corners, a London-based totally dream pop duo, launched their fourth unmarried, “Today is the Day,” from their upcoming 6th studio album “Dream Talk.” The music, written by way of Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes, turned into produced by Darcie Thompson. The duo emphasised the tune’s deeper connection to their own experiences and the cost of seizing the moment. They consider the refrain, “Today is the Day,” echoes the subject matter of seizing the existing and no longer waiting for day after today, highlighting the significance of seizing the prevailing.

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Discover Still Corners Dynamic Pop Tune “Today is the Day”

Check out my brand new overview of Still Corners‘ electrifying pop song, “Today is the Day.” This new addition to their repertoire infuses a sparkling vibe into the digital song scene. Positioned as a charming middle track, it seamlessly blends dreamy melodies with upbeat rhythms. “Today is the Day” is a must-play for all and sundry looking for progressive pop tune. Experience its magic on systems like YouTube Music, wherein its captivating soundscapes take middle stage. Don’t miss out in this exhilarating journey thru the nation-states of contemporary digital tune. Listen now and permit the tune shipping you to new heights of sonic delight!

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